Captain Marvel: The Wait For Endgame Begins

Stephanie Kai
14th March 2019

One of my two New Year’s resolutions was to stay out of “drama” that didn’t have a real impact. I’ve managed to hold to that, for the most part. This is why I’m not sure what’s going on regarding Captain Marvel and the “problems”. I only know that there’s been “backlash.” For…some reason.

I actually have no idea. Zero. So this will be a blind “review” of the movie of sorts.

That being what it is, I can tell you that Captain Marvel is much better than I was expecting it to be. Going in blind, knowing nothing about the comics, and not having watched any of the trailers, the movie shocked and surprised me – in a good way. There were actual twists in the movie that got me. And, if the audience reaction was any indication, got them, too.

It is, indeed, a movie with a strong female lead. This is about empowerment. I would say the core theme of the movie is “find your inner strength.”

The action is well-placed, and the movie never left me bored. There is, as expected with Marvel movies at this point, a lot of CGI – but none of it looks off putting.

I will also say, in turn, that you don’t have to see this movie to understand the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. It’s obvious that they didn’t want you to have to go in having seen it. And, like many of the Marvel movies before it, the music is kinda forgettable – abit with a 90s flair this time, as is befitting as it is when the movie takes place.

In short, if you’re looking for a fun popcorn flick to see with a girlfriend – this is the one. It’s a good, solid, inoffensive movie – just like you’ve come to expect from Marvel.

Now, on to Endgame

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