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Ayyyy, It’s National “Hug A Newsperson Day”!!

All over the world, journalists are dedicated to providing you with accurate and timely news to inform you of the happenings of where you live, the next state over, or across the world. Journalists work hard, often long and varying hours to get the news to your lap (or text for your phone). Today is the day where we nationally recognize newspeople for all that they do…

It’s National Hug A Newsperson Day!

Are you a journalist? Give your team a hug! Do you work solo? Give yourself a hug! Hug, hug, hug!

There are thousands of journalists nationwide who cover everything and anything. Between the local newsperson giving you information about the events happening in your town, or the national correspondent keeping up with the White House and everyone in between, they’re all importa...

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EvilleCon 2019 Review

Jocelyn Fisher
01st April 2019

What makes a convention? Is it the venue, the guests, the attendees, the staff, the vendors, or maybe even the panels? If anything all of these key factors make a anime/comic con in a nutshell. These very events and the people who run or attend them make up the atmosphere of a convention.

EvilleCon is one of those cons that is hit or miss for the attendee. As someone who has been both an attendee and an artist, it really is a different scenario. I personally have more fun as an artist than I do as an attendee at this convention. At the same time I also enjoy some of the pros that EvilleCon has to offer.

The venue this year was at the Holiday Inn Express Airport. I personally love the location and how it brings out the convention vibe...

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Three Months ‘Til OMGCon!!

Today marks three months until OMGcon! Both The Abusement Park and C&C Gaming will be there with all sorts of fun shenanigans.

Be sure to get your ticket at a discounted rate before April 01st:

Click “View More” to watch the video!

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