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Set Design For Your Live Videos

Angela Nicole Chu
03rd March 2019

While it’s true that you can go live anywhere at any time, having a live video set readily available makes going live a breeze. It’s easier to commit to doing live video, and with nothing to set up and tear down after each broadcast, your excuses drift away.

Your set is also a quick glimpse into your brand’s personality. What colors are used? What objects are visible? Your audience uses these as a glimpse into who you are and what you’re promoting before you even say a word on camera. Your set becomes the best first impression that you can provide!

Creating a set for your live videos may seem daunting—or even expensive—, but neither is true. Most video sets are actually quite small, making them even easier to leave up at all times...

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Shop Lazy. Earn Money.

Angela Nicole Chu
12th February 2019

We all think of shopping as splurging. A new video game. A television. Some clothes. A puppy. But even buying groceries and needed toiletries constitute shopping.

Shopping can be a dangerous act: you go in with a well-crafted list of things to purchase, but as you walk around, you start grabbing fun “bonus items” dispersed throughout the store. At the end of your hour, you’ve spent far more than you intended thanks to impulse shopping, and you’ve likely forgotten a few key items along the way.

Shopping is a necessary evil, but as we near the second installment of the roaring 20s, new fun abilities are coming to light to make shopping a more pleasurable and less wallet-killing experience.

Enter eBates, the best cash-back service around...

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Students In The United States Should Be Required To Learn A Second Language

Ryland Buckingham
13th August 2018

To lift their education ranking among other developed countries, the US must make mastery of a second language a requirement.

According to The World Top Project, the USA is 15th in education, behind that of Russia, China, The UK, South Korea and quite a few others.

While the US does not require its students to master a second language, youth in Europe study several languages before high school. It is very probable that the US’s deficiency in education within the developed world is in some way correlated to its lack of emphasis on foreign languages.

According to the New York Times, there is a plethora of benefits to bilingualism including improvements in the “executive function,” attention span and more...

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