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Captain Marvel: The Wait For Endgame Begins

Stephanie Kai
14th March 2019

One of my two New Year’s resolutions was to stay out of “drama” that didn’t have a real impact. I’ve managed to hold to that, for the most part. This is why I’m not sure what’s going on regarding Captain Marvel and the “problems”. I only know that there’s been “backlash.” For…some reason.

I actually have no idea. Zero. So this will be a blind “review” of the movie of sorts.

That being what it is, I can tell you that Captain Marvel is much better than I was expecting it to be. Going in blind, knowing nothing about the comics, and not having watched any of the trailers, the movie shocked and surprised me – in a good way. There were actual twists in the movie that got me...

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Alita (And Why You Should Watch It)

Stephanie Kai
22nd February 2019

A few nights ago, I went to see Alita: Battle Angel. Before I say anything much on the subject, you should understand that I haven’t read the manga or had any interaction with the franchise before I saw the movie.

That said, from where I’m standing, this movie is a great step forward in regards to western adaptations of anime. Compared to the mistake that was Ghost in the Shell, for example, this felt like a breath of fresh air. It felt like those behind the movie at least knew and understood what made the source material great.

Alita is great because of the action scenes, and the amazing CGI. Also, the mystery of who Alita is kept me on my toes in regards to the story.

I know a lot of people have reservations, considering the art migh...

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Movie Review: Batman And Harley Quinn

Tori Williams
21st February 2019

If you’re a fan of “Batman: The Animated Series”, then this movie will be a pleasant trip down memory lane. It’s a throwback to the classic series’s episode “Harlequinade”, where Batman and Harley team up to find the Joker. This time, Batman (Kevin Conroy) needs Harley Quinn’s (Melissa Raunch) help to locate Poison Ivy. To do this, he gives Nightwing (Loren Lester) the task of finding Harley, who is in the process of trying to turn over a new leaf.

Harley Quinn is the main character in this film, while Batman and Nightwing have more of a supporting role. The movie is full of tongue-in-cheek moments from sex jokes to fart jokes. It’s a bit campy, but it’s to be expected for a Harley Quinn movie...

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Movie Review: Mother!

Tori Williams
23rd November 2018

*contains spoilers*

Mother! is one of those films that pops up once in a decade. You can find traces of directors like David Lynch (who are known for making abstract surreal films that borderline being pretentious) in the film. The movie has a simple story with a series of confusing sub-plots, all of which are allegories for either religion or the masculine and feminine aspects of life. It leaves it up to the audience to decipher the meaning. The movie is like a weird dream that slowly turns into a nightmare.

No character has a name, and you have no clue what town, state, or country it takes place. Only that it’s in a house in a field. One movie that it made me think about was Eraserhead, an odd David Lynch film that is a surreal, dreamlike movie...

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