EvilleCon 2019 Review

Jocelyn Fisher
01st April 2019

What makes a convention? Is it the venue, the guests, the attendees, the staff, the vendors, or maybe even the panels? If anything all of these key factors make a anime/comic con in a nutshell. These very events and the people who run or attend them make up the atmosphere of a convention.

EvilleCon is one of those cons that is hit or miss for the attendee. As someone who has been both an attendee and an artist, it really is a different scenario. I personally have more fun as an artist than I do as an attendee at this convention. At the same time I also enjoy some of the pros that EvilleCon has to offer.

The venue this year was at the Holiday Inn Express Airport. I personally love the location and how it brings out the convention vibe. Admittedly EvilleCon has outgrown this venue; the vendor hall and artist ally was packed. The hallways were also crowded and hard to get through when going to the food truck or other locations within the lobby.

There was a variety of artists and vendors in which I really like. Being part of artist alley at one point in time myself it brings me joy to check out most of the vendors and to see what cool stuff they had. I found a lot of rare older anime at one that I never thought I would see in my life and the products would only be exclusive to Japan instead of importing it. There were also more artists and vendors that sold beauty products such as bath bombs, chapstick, bath salts, and soap. They were all really friendly and attentive when I asked questions about their products. The head of artist alley was also attentive and she always makes sure to check on her artists if they need anything.

As for the panels I personally found them to be lacking in variety. There wasn’t really any I was interested in. Sure there were a few I went to and my friends ran them. Still I felt the panel list was shorter this year than last years, and I feel like EvilleCon could have done something to put more in to keep interests up. I saw a few panels that were in the roster that were there last year.

The guest list for this year was really great. Erica Mendez, Michele Knotz, James Carter Cathcart, and the cosplay guests Illyria Cosplay, EvilCutie Cosplay and many more. They were all so nice and supportive of the staff and the staff in return was supportive of them. The cosplay guests judged at the cosplay contest that Saturday evening, and I believe they made the best choices for that night and they ran it well.

Next year, EvilleCon will be held at the National Events Plaza in Evansville as it has grown in size. I’m sure EvilleCon will continue to make improvements and they will also make improvements on the better part of their strong suits. All in all it was a fun convention and I hope to attend or run a table there, as it is my home con and my close friends are there as well.

Hope to be seeing you all next year!

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