Movie Review: Batman And Harley Quinn

Tori Williams
21st February 2019

If you’re a fan of “Batman: The Animated Series”, then this movie will be a pleasant trip down memory lane. It’s a throwback to the classic series’s episode “Harlequinade”, where Batman and Harley team up to find the Joker. This time, Batman (Kevin Conroy) needs Harley Quinn’s (Melissa Raunch) help to locate Poison Ivy. To do this, he gives Nightwing (Loren Lester) the task of finding Harley, who is in the process of trying to turn over a new leaf.

Harley Quinn is the main character in this film, while Batman and Nightwing have more of a supporting role. The movie is full of tongue-in-cheek moments from sex jokes to fart jokes. It’s a bit campy, but it’s to be expected for a Harley Quinn movie...

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Counteract Stress With A Few Positive Habits

Angela Nicole Chu
20th February 2019

According to the Anxiety and Depression Society of America, an estimated 85 percent of adults reported feeling overwhelmed by something they have had to do in the past year. Stress can have two effects: it can break someone down mentally–sometimes physically–, or it can wake someone up to perform better.

I work great under stress. It helps to prevent procrastination, and it increases my focus. However, that productivity only emits from a manageable amount of stress.

A little stress is beneficial. A lot of stress is not.

Too much stress breaks your body down, killing all productivity and tanking your mood at the same time. Too much stress causes you to need an “off-day”, which eventually leads to more stress from now being even further behind...

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Pomegranates Add A Bit Of Summer To Winter Diets

Ryland Buckingham
18th February 2019

The post-summer fruit sorrows have begun as the weather seems to be getting colder and colder. No need to worry, there are many fruits that flourish during the winter, including the all-important pomegranate fruit.

Also known as the “miracle fruit” because of the rich antioxidants, pomegranates can be consumed in a variety of ways. Pomegranates can either be ingested as a juice, or you can eat the seeds as a pick me up throughout the day.

Aside from being a delicious treat for your taste buds, the benefits your body receives from this miracle fruit are worth every bite. With hefty servings of fiber, protein and other vitamins and nutrients, pomegranates are clearly beneficial to your health and heart.

With heart disease being the leadin...

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Acceptance In The Cosplay Community

Jocelyn Fisher
15th February 2019

For the past 10 years, I have been a part of the cosplay community. I have seen it grow so much since 2008. I’ve seen so many faces of it: from the light-hearted friendly side of cosplay, to the dark and toxic side of cosplay.

Throughout the years I have been an advocate for cosplay positivity, but it wasn’t until recently that I learned what cosplay positivity is all about.

It isn’t just to spread the love for all cosplayers, whether they are famous or not. It’s also about not singling others out of the community. No matter how people cosplay…it’s how they want to cosplay.

If they want to take pics of themselves in boudoir as a character, they can. If they want to cosplay regular versions of characters, they can...

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Valentine’s Day Photos Are UP!!

Some of our Brainiacs had a lovely photoshoot in honour of Valentine’s Day. Check out Angie, Lee, Eric, and Jocelyn‘s pages to see the photos!

Below is a sneak peek:

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Shop Lazy. Earn Money.

Angela Nicole Chu
12th February 2019

We all think of shopping as splurging. A new video game. A television. Some clothes. A puppy. But even buying groceries and needed toiletries constitute shopping.

Shopping can be a dangerous act: you go in with a well-crafted list of things to purchase, but as you walk around, you start grabbing fun “bonus items” dispersed throughout the store. At the end of your hour, you’ve spent far more than you intended thanks to impulse shopping, and you’ve likely forgotten a few key items along the way.

Shopping is a necessary evil, but as we near the second installment of the roaring 20s, new fun abilities are coming to light to make shopping a more pleasurable and less wallet-killing experience.

Enter eBates, the best cash-back service around...

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D0min0-a-g0-g0’s New Album “End” Invokes A Reflective Experience For Listeners

Angela Nicole Chu
30th January 2019

Producer and rapper D0min0-a-g0-g0 released the album End on January 12th, 2019, a lo-fi and hip-hop fusion that’s been well-received since its release. I sat down with the Indiana native to learn more about End, its collaborations, and what she has planned for the rest of the year.

A: First of all, congratulations on the new album! What was your inspiration for the album, and how long did you spend working on it?
D: It started early last year as a hip-hop project. I used to rap and wanted to get back into the scene. Well, the rap idea went into a lo-fi direction, and as life stresses went on, it became my only outlet… Needless to say, the inspirations came from a dark place.

A: It’s been awhile since your last album was released? How is End di...

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The Truth About Haggling At Conventions

Jocelyn Fisher
11th January 2019

The Dealer’s room has to be the most visited place at a convention. It’s where you can find imported goods such as plushies, wall scrolls, food, and more. In this article we are going to take a behind the scenes look at why things cost so much in the dealer’s room.

Everyone selling merchandise in the dealers room is a small business: they want to make a profit on the products they brought, and they want to do this without underselling. Although haggling prices seems fair, this can actually damage their profits if enough people do it.

People often ask “Why is this (insert item here) so high?” I’m going to break it down into a simple math equation:

Price of items from wholesalers + dealers table prices = price of said items.

Not to mentio...

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Movie Review: Mother!

Tori Williams
23rd November 2018

*contains spoilers*

Mother! is one of those films that pops up once in a decade. You can find traces of directors like David Lynch (who are known for making abstract surreal films that borderline being pretentious) in the film. The movie has a simple story with a series of confusing sub-plots, all of which are allegories for either religion or the masculine and feminine aspects of life. It leaves it up to the audience to decipher the meaning. The movie is like a weird dream that slowly turns into a nightmare.

No character has a name, and you have no clue what town, state, or country it takes place. Only that it’s in a house in a field. One movie that it made me think about was Eraserhead, an odd David Lynch film that is a surreal, dreamlike movie...

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Eggs Are A Nutritious Way To Start Your Day!

Angela Nicole Chu
17th October 2018

It’s time to discuss the most underrated superfood of all time: Eggs!

Because eggs contain little bits of required nutrients that we need in order to properly function, they are a perfect and inexpensive food to add to your everyday diet.

Finding cheap but nutritious foods to fulfill you can be hard to come by, but not surprisingly eggs are an easy way to give yourself a cheap health kick. Instead of busting your wallet at the grocery, you can buy a large amount of eggs for a small amount of money. Bonus: They are always in stock.

Eggs are great no matter how you prepare them. They contain high quality protein, making them a great nutritional pick-me-up...

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