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Alita (And Why You Should Watch It)

Stephanie Kai
22nd February 2019

A few nights ago, I went to see Alita: Battle Angel. Before I say anything much on the subject, you should understand that I haven’t read the manga or had any interaction with the franchise before I saw the movie.

That said, from where I’m standing, this movie is a great step forward in regards to western adaptations of anime. Compared to the mistake that was Ghost in the Shell, for example, this felt like a breath of fresh air. It felt like those behind the movie at least knew and understood what made the source material great.

Alita is great because of the action scenes, and the amazing CGI. Also, the mystery of who Alita is kept me on my toes in regards to the story.

I know a lot of people have reservations, considering the art migh...

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