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EvilleCon 2019 Review

Jocelyn Fisher
01st April 2019

What makes a convention? Is it the venue, the guests, the attendees, the staff, the vendors, or maybe even the panels? If anything all of these key factors make a anime/comic con in a nutshell. These very events and the people who run or attend them make up the atmosphere of a convention.

EvilleCon is one of those cons that is hit or miss for the attendee. As someone who has been both an attendee and an artist, it really is a different scenario. I personally have more fun as an artist than I do as an attendee at this convention. At the same time I also enjoy some of the pros that EvilleCon has to offer.

The venue this year was at the Holiday Inn Express Airport. I personally love the location and how it brings out the convention vibe...

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