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Movie Review: Mother!

Tori Williams
23rd November 2018

*contains spoilers*

Mother! is one of those films that pops up once in a decade. You can find traces of directors like David Lynch (who are known for making abstract surreal films that borderline being pretentious) in the film. The movie has a simple story with a series of confusing sub-plots, all of which are allegories for either religion or the masculine and feminine aspects of life. It leaves it up to the audience to decipher the meaning. The movie is like a weird dream that slowly turns into a nightmare.

No character has a name, and you have no clue what town, state, or country it takes place. Only that it’s in a house in a field. One movie that it made me think about was Eraserhead, an odd David Lynch film that is a surreal, dreamlike movie...

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