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Who Dropped The Toe In The Tuna??

Ryland Buckingham
20th March 2019

Last Thursday morning was like any other at the Bumble Bee Foods factory in Santa Fe Springs, California. That is, until a worker was found cooked to death in the industrial oven.

Jose Malena, 62, worked at the factory for more than six years. According to his co-workers, Malena was a pro around the heavy machinery and was well versed in safety at the factory. Still, a fellow worker found Malena trapped inside a “steamer machine” and immediately called 911.

Victim Jose Malena seen pictured with his family members. He died an unfortunately steamy death…

An official investigation has begun to determine why Malena was in the oven. So far, the findings are that Malena “was fatally injured when he was cooked in an oven.”

Clearly, there...

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